With a long background in developing and installing new IP systems around the world, NGB’s Consulting Services group, can offer a full range of professional consulting services to commercial and public network operators, as well as system integrators. Next Generation Broadband’s executive team has implemented more than twenty broadband systems in over six countries.

If you are looking to set up new or improve your existing network services then you will find NGB is one of the most innovative and reliable providers on the market today. NGB offers the advantages of both the personal service that a smaller company can provide with the flexibility and technical ingenuity that comes from building experience in the sector from the ground up.

We have proven project management skills and experience in managing large scale complex projects in the telecommunications space. We also have a long history of working with major industry vendors including Cisco, Motorola, Accenture, Arris, Oracle, Sun, Veritas, (billing system companies). Our Head of Consulting Services is Sammy Ho who has been with NGB for over 10 years. Mr Ho has had vast experience in this area with companies such as: Verizon, Computer Associates, IBM, Time Warner and others. The other members of our consulting team have long term experience in the IP networking space and understand both the development and installation of the backend systems which are fundamental to these networks.

Our consulting team will fully analyze your business needs to ensure that the solutions we offer you will suit your current and future business requirements and tailored to provide you with an additional competitive edge. We work closely with you throughout the consulting and implementation processes and will be available to provide post-implementation support to assist you with any further needs as they develop.