Kovue Dashboard

A brand new product from NGB is our new social television system, KoVue.  Leveraging our experience in IP networks, device control, communications systems and social network integration, engineers at NGB have spent over four years developing a new cloud based software product that will change the way you view television.  KoVue is a first of its kind social television platform which integrates existing broadcast and CATV signals with smart TV functionality tied into social networking platforms such as Facebook and Google+ and real-time  telecommunications services.

Based on unique, patent pending technology and advanced features, the KoVue next generation platform creates a radically different television viewing paradigm. KoVue is the first of the real next generation social TV platforms that shows what your friends are watching, what they like and then lets you join them in real time. Our seamless integration of the latest programming information and personalized viewing schedules makes program information more relevant and solves the age old problem of complex program guides – “too many channels and nothing to watch”.

In addition, the ability to link your friends to create virtual viewing groups provides the first truly social way to view television programs.  Whether it is a group of football fans watching their favorite teams compete, or another group of friends watching the latest episode of their favorite soap, joint viewing creates a new fun way to enjoy the television viewing experience.  KoVue also lets you talk directly to your friends or text information to them via your TV while you’re watching a show together.

Other user devices such as tablets and smartphones are also linked to your TV and share KoVue functionality to produce an all encompassing video/entertainment/media environment.  IPTV services like Netflix, Amazon and  Hulu are integrated in our on-screen menus to provide a seamless, one-click, viewing experience for the user.

For more information click on the following link to take you to the KoVue website:    KoVue.tv